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Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing: 3 Reasons to Consider a Pay Per Call Campaign

Pay-per-call is a type of performance marketing in which an advertiser compensates publishers for high-quality calls made on their behalf. To put it in simple words, a pay-per-call campaign monitors calls in the same manner that performance networks monitor clicks.

We can say that advertisers create marketing campaigns that encourage potential customers to call them. These call-based campaigns are later launched, and the publishers receive payment for the calls they are able to generate. 

How Does Pay Per Call Work? 

A buyer pays according to a single call to be connected to a caller through pay-per-call marketing. Generally speaking, there are three parties actively participating in pay-per-call: the caller, the buyer, and you (the publisher). When various stakeholders, networks, firms, and other entities are part of performance marketing, this can get significantly challenging.  

What Does A Simple Call Flow Look Like? 

  • You are the one to take the first step which is to create an internet advertisement using your call tracking number. This can be done with the help of Google Ads and other paid traffic bases. 
  • The caller views your advertisement and proceeds to dial the tracking number that is mentioned. A call to action indicated in your ad copy plays a significant role which is to compel a potential customer to call the phone number that is listed in your web ad, which you then direct to the buyer. The use of call routing and tracking software makes call flow management efficient and easy.  
  • The call is received by the buyer, who pays you for your role in the process.
  • You keep track of the call and report on it. You can easily present your clients with an in-depth overview of the calls you’ve generated with the help of tracking features.  

The Many Reasons to Opt for Pay-Per-Call 

Advertisers who make the decision to run pay-per-call campaigns can increase their distribution and inbound call volume across many channels with a very little amount of effort. 

They possess access to increased visibility and control over call flow and client satisfaction.  

Pay-per-call aids marketers to experiment with new pay-per-call strategies and publishers with very less risks involved.  

Staying within the limits of their present business model, publishers can produce a new source of revenue. It’s not about calls or clicks, it’s about calls as well as clicks. 

Pay-per-call allows you to monetize your web and phone traffic through existing channels and the comprehensive use of promotional approaches. 

What is Pay Per Call Like for Customers? 

Making a call through a pay-per-call service is not very different from calling a business directly for customers. Calls are connected to the advertiser as they are usually, depending on the routing and filtering settings that are in place. If an interactive voice response (IVR) is used, the consumer will go through its prompts first, just as they would with any other phone menu system. 

How Do I Get Started? 

Pay-per-call campaigns are revolutionizing the way in which businesses attract customers, resulting in a considerably higher conversion rate and marketing return on investment than previous forms of web marketing. When a company opts for pay-per-call marketing, they give potential buyers a greater chance to connect with the brand.  

Analyzing its benefits, you may ask how you can boost the performance of your business from pay-per-click campaigns. All you need to do is get in touch with the best pay-per-call agency and let it do its wonders for your business!