EDM Network

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit an issue request for my account?

If you are an existing publisher or buyer and you are having an issue with access to EDM Network platforms, please reach out to your assigned business manager via the assigned Skype chat.

What campaigns do you provide?

We provide across calls and leads across multiple verticals such as all insurance types, Medicare, financial services, home services, etc. Campaign details vary and can be discussed when signing up.

For publisher campaign details, please sign up on our portal (https://edmleadnetwork.com/index.php/publishers-sign-in-sign-up/) and our business development team will reach out to you to add you to the right campaigns.

For advertisers/buyers, please sign up on our portal (https://edmleadnetwork.com/index.php/advertisers-application-form/) and a team member will reach out to you to schedule a consultation call.

Am I considered a buyer/advertiser or publisher/affiliate?

If you are looking to generate calls/leads to provide to clients, then you would be considered a publisher/affiliate. Publishers are typically call centers or lead generation companies that are looking to partner with our network.

If you are looking to buy calls/leads for your own company, then you would be considered a buyer/advertiser. Buyers are typically businesses in a specified vertical looking to close deals.


How to reapply when my account is not approved upon signing up (publishers/affiliates only)?
To reapply for offers, your assigned business manager may suggest to you another offer to apply for. To do so, please sign back into https://edmleadnetwork.com/index.php/publishers-sign-in-sign-up/, head to the Offers tab, select Active Offers, and select Apply Now on the suggested offer. Once you have completed the form, your assigned business manager will reach back out to you.

How long would it take for an account to be approved upon signing up?
For our publishers/affiliates, it can take anywhere between 2-9 business days to get fully onboarded with EDM Network. The time at which it takes to have an active account with us will depend on how quickly the requested items are provided to your assigned business development representative

How do I sign up as a publisher/affiliate?
Please navigate to https://edmleadnetwork.com/index.php/publishers-sign-in-sign-up/ and select Sign Up. You will be prompted with questions to answer regarding compliance and someone from the business development team will reach out.


How do I sign up as a buyer?
Please navigate to https://edmleadnetwork.com/index.php/advertisers-application-form/ and fill out the application. Our team will reach out to once your application has been reviewed. You can also check the status of your application by navigating to the page Advertiser Application Status.