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Nurturing your database through performance marketing is no easy deed. As a business owner, you have to handle different moving parts amidst a range of different challenges to face.

Over the years, EDM Network has evolved to become a leading lead generation and marketing company with a focus on strategic marketing, technology, and distribution innovation. We have been privileged to serve some of the leading companies in the world, across different industries and continents. We help advertisers grow ROI and meet their KPIs, while publishers receive maximum distribution and the best support team in the industry.

No matter if you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise, you get exclusive access to premium traffic from internal and direct publishers with advanced reporting features. We deliver top-notch service for agencies, brands, media buyers, and affiliate marketers. Our goal is to sustain our extensive network, and to deliver unmatched support to our industry partners, helping them in getting returns for their efforts.

Trusted by the leading brands worldwide!

Backed by our rich industry expertise, we have built a unified platform that works tirelessly to connect publishers and advertisers while empowering them to excel at every stage of the advertising process. Our sophisticated platform is designed for trade-smart teams that need clear-cut targeting, in-depth ad planning, and increased ROI for all of their affiliates, advertisers, and media associates.

Our comprehensive product suite empowers businesses across InsuranceFinancial Services, and Home Services verticals to take immediate action on their leads, save money by offering new levels of data insights and control, and keep themselves from litigation by documenting proof of consent along the way.

Clients trust EDM Network to deliver solutions that help improve their user experience, monetize their quality inventory, and provide access to unique prospects. Our technology and network bring you the best solutions to maximize your business ROI.

Unique Pay Per call and CPL Campaigns to deliver RESULTS!

The core of our services is lead generation. Whatever service or product you are offering, EDM Network can help bring quality leads to you. Our Pay Per Call and CPL campaigns are suitable for direct response marketers and brand marketers looking to engage prospects at multiple touchpoints – by building a community site, newsletter list, member acquisition program, or reward program.

EDM Network’s unified network fused with our professional expertise provides the assurance that you will get supreme service and attention. Our proprietary technological network helps track and report the campaign’s performance while delivering real-time leads. We continuously work hard to be a valued partner for our associates. 

Our Values