EDM Network


How it Works?

Businesses are in a constant search for new customers. EDM Network delivers these clients.
We are an online and offline marketing solution that connects advertisers to their target customers based on data driven decisions


Create an offer, set the price

Determine offers details and budget


We bill, You Pay


We drive traffic to your offer

As a result, you receive targeted live transfers, form fills, or inbound calls


Grow your business with EDM Network

Establish long term partnerships within our network


EDM anti-fraud technology filters out fraudulent calls

Your budget won’t be wasted



The closing date is fast approaching and your campaign isn’t on track to reach your revenue goals. You have to do something — and quick. You want to get tangible results from your marketing efforts. We’re here to deliver them.

As the best performance marketing platform, EDM Network helps more than 30,000 brands reach their business goals every month by providing the best quality leads to them. We work with thousands of esteemed publishers who can help endorse your product from their authority channels. 

By ensuring the highest regulatory standards, our partners adhere to the strict compliance rules, thus ensuring the safety of our clients. We will work with you to help share your offers, examine traffic and change, and choose the best channel that gets you the quality leads.

Promote with confidence with high-quality publishers

Marketing campaigns are most successful when they are specifically targeted and implemented to a specific audience. EDM Network can help maximize your ROI by providing this ability. Our pre-qualified partner network comprises more than 1000 vetted, top-tier publishers to ensure that your ads are designed for high-intent consumers, creating exclusive sales opportunities while shielding your brand.

With analytical power and superior management, EDM Network helps advertisers gain valuable insights into their campaigns and performance. Our expert campaign managers not only give you detailed information on what’s working, but they also offer incredible support to help you get lucrative campaigns up and running. You can check the detailed information about every incoming call, like call length, phone number, region, callbacks, call length, and more.

Diverse network with global reach

EDM Network operates across different markets, with more than 1000 active publishers generating 250 million sales in 2021. Our account management teams are fully equipped to drive advertisers’ online strategy ahead on a global scale.

Our experienced lead generation experts will partner with you to.

Improve your sales pipeline and bring revenue faster

At EDM Network, we strive to take your lead generation efforts to the next level by combining the experience of a lead generation expert team with our AI-powered analytics platform to deliver you quality leads.

The EDM Network platform is entirely risk-free. Advertisers who work with us pay for measurable results; only after the acquisition of quality leads.  

Contact us today at +1 (888) 993-8092 to discuss your success metrics and we will design and implement a custom campaign to meet your business goals.