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With over 1000+ businesses in 6 industries served, EDM Network uses data and technology to deliver better outcomes in marketing. 

EDM Network is the leader 
in ​lead generation and marketing


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Our Products

Live Transfers

Connect in real-time with leads that are actively seeking your services. Our live transfers are designed to deliver high conversion rates and immediate engagement, ensuring that you talk to potential customers when they are most interested. 


Benefit from our robust network generating inbound traffic from highly interested prospects. Our strategies ensure that you receive calls and inquiries from leads that have demonstrated a clear interest in your offerings. 

Form Fills

Capture essential information through strategically placed form fills, enabling you to collect leads’ details for further nurturing. Our optimized forms are crafted to convert visitors into leads seamlessly. 

Website Traffic

Any time you are dealing with electrDrive targeted traffic to your website with our specialized campaigns. We focus on bringing in visitors who are most likely to engage with your content and convert, enhancing your overall digital presence and effectiveness. icity, you need a certified expert. Anything less simply isn't safe.

EDM Network Software

Unlock the potential of your advertising campaigns with our proprietary EDM Network Software. This powerful tool allows you to: 

Create Campaigns

Launch your campaigns with ease using our user-friendly interface. 


Tailor every aspect of your campaign to meet your specific advertising goals. 


Keep track of campaign performance, adjust parameters in real-time, and optimize for better results.